The Zodiac Signs & How They Approach Friendship

by Anna Harissis

Friendship is an integral part of our lives, and our zodiac sign can play a role in how we approach and navigate relationships with our friends. Whether you're the social butterfly of the group or the more introverted and reflective type, each sign brings its own unique qualities and tendencies to the table. In this article, we will explore how the different zodiac signs approach friendship and how their astrological traits may shape their relationships with their friends. So, let's take a closer look at the zodiac signs and how they approach friendship!


Aries are natural leaders with an adventurous spirit. The more new experiences, the better. So, when it comes to friendship, they appreciate someone who can keep up. They have no trouble making friends, but keeping long-term friends can be more difficult for an Aries. They are also incredibly straight-forward, so if you appreciate honesty, Aries is the friend for you!

Best Friend Match:

Gemini & Sagittarius


Taureans are dependable, patient people who enjoy consistency and security. They look for honesty and directness within their long-lasting friendships, above all else. Once you've become friends with a Taurus, they will be a friend for life. Since Taurus individuals tend to stick to a routine and avoid change, they appreciate friends who can help to bring them out of their comfort zone.

Best Friend Match:

Cancer & Pisces


Geminis might be the most forgetful sign, but they will make up for it with their charming personalities. Geminis are known to be funny, charismatic, and intelligent. They are also full of surprises! Even though you may feel you know a Gemini quite well, it may take much longer for you to actually get to know them. They can guarded at first, but having a Gemini friend is worth the wait.

Best Friend Match:

Libra & Aries


Cancers may be hard to pin down at first, but once they finally say 'yes' to a hang out, you have a good friend for life. Cancers, much like a Crab, have a tough outer shell. Though, as soon as you get beyond that  layer, you'll find that Cancers are soft and sensitive. Because of that, they tend to be closed-off at first. Once they feel comfortable to open up emotionally, you'll start to see their fun and unique personalities.

Best Friend Match:

Pisces & Taurus


Leos love people and connecting. They are the life of the party; making friends and networking is their strong-suit. With close friends, their generosity shines. Leos will show that generosity in the form of gifts and displays or affection. Though they like to have a large social circle, getting close to a Leo can be more difficult. The relationship can feel surface-level until the Leo believes they can be fully vulnerable.

Best Friend Match:

Leo & Sagittarius


Virgos are known to be logical and a bit picky. They are the same way with relationships, choosing their friendships wisely. Once they've decided to let you in, Virgos make wonderful friends. Virgos are incredible listeners, offer thoughtful advice, and won't hold back their honest opinions. Virgos expect a lot from themselves (and others), and will encourage you to live up to your potential.

Best Friend Match:

Scorpio & Virgo


Known for their wit and friendly demeanor, Libras make friends wherever they go. They love to socialize, entertain, and bring different people together. They are a social butterfly that doesn't like to be stifled. Though, getting to know people on a deeper level can be more difficult for Libras.  Since they don't like conflict, they tend to avoid difficult conversations all together. Though, once they do open up, they are incredibly loyal friends.

Best Friend Match:

Aquarius & Gemini


You'll never have to worry about how a Scorpio friend feels about you, because they will always let you know. Scorpios are known for their blunt honesty. Often times, they are honest with those they love because they want to encourage others to live up to their full potential. Scorpios will also charm you with their incredible wit and deep conversations.

Best Friend Match:

Taurus & Virgo


Sagittarius individuals are the life of the party and always up for an adventure. Though they love a good time, they will avoid drama at all cost. "Good Vibes Only" is a Sagittarius motto. Honest and loyal, they make incredible friends. They are all about quality over quantity, when it comes to spending time with friends. Though they may go MIA every now and then, they will make up for lost time once you reconnect.

Best Friend Match:

Aries & Leo


Capricorns take friendship seriously, like most things in their lives. They are loyal, dependable, and value tradition. They are the first to remember and celebrate every birthday, holiday, etc. They enjoy having a good time, but their responsibilities come first. They are the type of friend that will push you to be the best version of yourself, and they expect the same in return.

Best Friend Match:

Taurus & Capricorn


Aquarians are fun-loving people who enjoy making connections and seeking out new friends. They enjoy having a large social circle. Though, Aquarius individuals tend to be private, so cultivating that circle can take time. An Aquarian  will always choose to see the best in people and will be your greatest hype-person, and they greatly appreciate that same recognition and encouragement in return.

Best Friend Match:

Libra & Gemini


Pisces are easygoing. quirky, and sensitive individuals that make wonderful friends. They are the friend who's always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. Though, getting them to open up in return can be a bit trickier.  Pisces tend to be naturally introverted, yet they love a social gathering. They are very loyal, but they remain loyal to themselves above all.

Best Friend Match:

Cancer & Aquarius

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