An app made for the community, by the community.

The co-founders of Out, Anna Harissis and Jen Farmer, looked far and wide for a way to make friends in the LGBTQ+ community that didn’t include dating apps. They hoped to find a friendship-forward, social networking app to build genuine connections.

They didn’t have much luck, so they created their own path forward.

A little about the

Co-Founder & CEO

Anna is an entrepreneur with a background in social work and advocacy. Also an influencer privy to the world of social media, she was critical to Out's successful soft launch and overall growth.

Co-Founder & COO

Jen has led Growth for two startups, from seed to Series B & C. As a Forbes Communications Council Member and U.S. Fintech Award Winner for Director of the Year, Jen knows what it takes to launch and build a company.

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